Our company mainly targets the advertisement industry, particularly the logo, trademark, and special banner production and it's related activities.
We specialize in designing and delivering unique logos. We produce 3D epoxy resin sticker since more than a decade. In the past years we were constantly extending the range of our products to cover all areas of this industry, and of course we are still busy researching for new technologies to provide more products for our customers to choose from.

As far as we know we are the only company in Hungary who specializes in this area of logo production. By using our products you can radically increase the facade of your goods not mentioning the number of sales.
It is a known fact (official statistics proves too), that customers always choose the more aesthetic between two identical products. The chosen name and packaging can make a slight difference so the quality and look and feel of it.


Basically, the question is how the product is "wrapped"...
In these situations, choices are made at a glance.


Quality produces quality... That makes profit for you..