We need to talk about the quality of the resin as there are plenty of them available on the market. Basically they fall into two different categories: epoxy and polyurethane based. Although the epoxy one is much cheaper (the end product is cheaper as well), but the result is not so tempting. The epoxy resin turns yellow, hardens, its surface becomes dull, opaque and cracked, it loses its flexibility and after a while it breaks apart.




We don't deny the fact that we started our business using this kind of resin a couple of years ago (as this was the only available resin on the Hungarian market). After a while we had to realize that this cannot be the way forward because this kind of resin has been manufactured for other use cases, not for making 3D Stickers. It is a really disappointing fact that only 10% of the Hungarian manufacturers use a proper kind of resin. It is likely that you don't even realize in the day of the purchase that the sticker you bought will be useless within a couple of months. After months of researching and testing plenty different samples of resins we were able to find the resin we still use nowadays. This polyurethane based resin has been developed by an American chemical company especially to use with stickers.



There are a lots of bad quality stickers available on the market, which quality can be spotted very easily just by looking at them even from meters distance. It is really easy to see the difference on stickers put onto cars. The main reason for this is that the epoxy resin is not weatherproof (UV / Sunlight). These kind of stickers are going to loose their glamour nature within a short time (especially outdoors).

Unfortunately it is quite hard to distinguish between stickers covered by epoxy or quality resin. The differences will be visible after 6-8 months of their production.

We could go on listing the facts why epoxy resin is not suitable for this kind of usage, but we hope that the previously mentioned issues gave you enough reasons to choose our company.

3 years of warranty!

The resin we work with will not turn yellow, perfectly transparent, elastic, does not harden, water and weatherproof, scratch-resistant, wear-proof, it's surface remains shiny and luminous.

We get the resin directly from the manufacturer to keep the prices as low as we can for our customers.

Don't choose a company just because they are a bit cheaper! Ask for samples!

Preferably ask for a sticker which has been made a long ago. It is the best to check a sticker on a keychain or a sticker placed on a car. The one on the keyring is always touched by hands (sweat, grease, etc.), basically its always "fighting" with the keys in the pocket.

While the one on the car has to fight with the elements (sunshine, rain, car wash, etc.)